Partners - USAID

The SEBI project is a project of JN Foundation in collaboration with USAID.

SEBI received grant funding of US$1 million under the USAID Development Grant Programme.

USAID’s Jamaica Mission’s Priority Goals include the promotion of economic prosperity and sustainable development and investing in people as its focus, which highlights the need for an initiative such as SEBI.  By implementing a programme of enterprise development alongside the strengthening of an enabling environment, SEBI will increase the capacity of Social Enterprises to contribute to the national economy both directly as economic providers, and indirectly as examples of socially responsible businesses, whilst opening up and advocating for clear industry standards and a national framework for operating.

Building the capacity of the Social Enterprise network to advocate for inclusion in the national economy, USAID and SEBI’s programme objectives are in direct alignment with each other; namely the enterprise development for micro-enterprises and the creation/ strengthening of an enabling environment.

The total funds spent on SEBI will act as a catalyst for growth and generate immense spin offs as new entities enter the market, consumption of Social Enterprise products grows, employment and economic development are generated, and overall recognition of its value and contribution to the national economy increases.

Jamaica is the United States’ third largest trading partner of in the Caribbean. Over the last five years, the U.S., has also accounted for the largest share of foreign direct investment in the country. Hence, the country’s political, economic, and social conditions directly affect U.S., national interests.

USAID/Jamaica has established a track record for promoting community safety and security; widening access to quality basic education; and increasing resiliency of targeted sectors to global climate change. As the Mission continues to serve as a leader in development initiatives and further tackle the main challenges in Jamaica, emphasis will be focused on an integrated approach to create opportunities for secure livelihoods through a more cohesive, just, and healthy environment.

USAID/Jamaica works with its local partners to help increase civic participation among youth and to increase citizen participation in creating safer and more prosperous communities. Areas of support include community policing, anti-corruption and the development of local and regional strategies that tackle gang prevention. USAID recognizes the economic dimension of community safety and security and the direct relationship between youth employment and violent crime. Therefore the programme provides technical, financial and policy support to the private and public sectors to foster access to micro-enterprise and job creation initiatives.