Our Vision begins at the community level, as more and more Jamaicans become active participants in the Social Enterprise ventures within their district or parish; as the Social Enterprise movement gains momentum, our Vision broadens to the national level where we hope to see thousands of vibrant self-sustaining social enterprises thriving across the island, contributing to the economy and achieving their social mission while improving their environment and the lives of all Jamaicans. Looking further out on the horizon, our Vision encompasses the Caribbean region and beyond, as we fulfill our ultimate goal: People, Profit, Planet.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to redefine Social Enterprise in Jamaica and establish it as a promising and powerful force that can provide lasting solutions to our nation’s growing social, environmental and cultural challenges. Our aim is for all Jamaicans to understand the social enterprise concept of achieving sustainability through profit while still fulfilling a social mission; and to identify the role they can play through participation and support of the Social Enterprise movement. We start with the SEBI initiative and ignite interest through our ten Social Enterprises. As we move forward our plan is to collaborate with the public and private sector, at all levels, to create opportunities and an enabling environment for Social Enterprise.